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Gary W. Small



ary Small, MD, is Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and Parlow-Solomon Professor on Aging at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where he is also Founding Director of the UCLA Memory Clinic and Director of the UCLA Center on Aging. Dr. Small was a phi beta kappa, summa cum laude graduate of UCLA and earned his medical degree (alpha omega alpha) at the University of Southern California. After an internal medicine internship at Children?s Hospital and Adult Medical Center in San Francisco, he completed a psychiatry residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and a clinical fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Small then completed a geriatric psychiatry fellowship at UCLA. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications, as well as the international bestseller, "The Memory Bible." Dr Small is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Jack Weinberg Award from the American Psychiatric Association and the Senior Investigator Award from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. In 2002, Scientific American magazine named Dr. Small one of the world's top 50 innovators in science and technology. Publications:

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Autres publications

  • Wilks Moses Q, Protas Hillary, Wardak Mirwais, Kepe Vladimir, Small Gary W, Barrio Jorge R, Huang Sung-Cheng Automated VOI Analysis in FDDNP PET Using Structural Warping: Validation through Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Patients.. International journal of Alzheimer's disease. 2012; 2012(1): 512069.
  • Wong Koon-Pong, Kepe Vladimir, Dahlbom Magnus, Satyamurthy Nagichettiar, Small Gary W, Barrio Jorge R, Huang Sung-Cheng Comparative evaluation of Logan and relative-equilibrium graphical methods for parametric imaging of dynamic [18F]FDDNP PET determinations.. NeuroImage. 2012; 60(1): 241-51.
  • Donix Markus, Small Gary W, Bookheimer Susan Y Family History and APOE-4 Genetic Risk in Alzheimer's Disease.. Neuropsychology review. 2012; 60(1): .
  • Donix Markus, Ercoli Linda M, Siddarth Prabha, Brown Jesse A, Martin-Harris Laurel, Burggren Alison C, Miller Karen J, Small Gary W, Bookheimer Susan Y Influence of Alzheimer Disease Family History and Genetic Risk on Cognitive Performance in Healthy Middle-Aged and Older People.. The American journal of geriatric psychiatry : official journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. 2012; 20(7): 565-573.

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