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Paula Bialski


Hamburg, Allemagne


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Paula Bialski is a Polish-Canadian sociologist. She received her doctoral degree from Lancaster University, working with Prof. John Urry and Dr. Monika Buscher, and gains her inspiration from the stories she's lived through, friends, family, and strangers. As once a part-time radio and print journalist, her main interests include mobility, tourism, and friendship and social networking, and has published various articles regarding these, and other, topics. Her work is centered around the implications of the internet on offline interaction, friendship, trust, and social capital. After being based in the English countryside, she moved back to Warsaw. In October 2012, she started postdoctoral research at the HafenCity University in Hamburg, working on a project about Low Budget Urbanity, describing low-cost transport issues through Couchsurfing and ridesharing systems.

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