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The meetings 03/12/2013

New ways of learning

The round table session on 3 December was devoted to new ways of learning in the digital age. "What is learning? ", "How do we learn? " and "What to learn?" were the three key questions for the round table hosted by Arnaud de Saint Simon, President of Psychology Magazines at the Orange head office, attended by Orange CEO Stéphane Richard, Christine Albanel, Executive Vice President for CSR and Partnerships and Dominique Cardon, a sociologist from the Orange SENSE laboratory.

The expert presenters - Claudie Haigneré, President of Universcience, François Taddeï, Director of Research at INSERM and at CRI (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research), Frédéric Bardeau, cofounder of the Web School and Marine Plossu from the Sense School, accompanied by Hubert Guillaud, a journalist at FING (New Generation Internet Foundation), noted that while adults have always had their own individual style of learning and objectives, whatever the era, in the digital age resources were more readily available and methods were more collaborative, to the point of challenging the traditional roles of teachers and students.
The round table also highlighted new ways of training students, who would become the much sought after professionals of the digital age.

A full report from the “new ways of learning” round table will soon be online".


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