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Code of conduct

Please, do not post messages which are obscene, vulgar, discriminatory, threatening, defamatory, insulting, constitute a breach of personal rights (right to privacy, image rights, professional confidentiality), or which threaten the safety of persons and property, including intellectual property (piracy and intruding on IT and telecommunications systems) in breach of current laws and regulations.

Respect copyright and intellectual property.

Do not plagiarize, cite your sources.

Courtesy is not optional. You may criticize ideas but not persons.

As the main aim of the Digital Society Forum is to facilitate discussions about the impact of technology on our daily lives, it is not the place for religious or political discussions, or for private conversations. Posts which can be described as “listings" are not accepted. The same goes for posts encouraging other users to sign petitions or fill out surveys. Please avoid deviating from the prescribed topics.

Commercial advertising is forbidden

Please post clear and understandable messages, preferably without abbreviations and in lower case

If you read a post which you consider to be illegal or in breach of the code of conduct for the forum, please alert us by email: Please, clearly explain your request for the post to be moderated.

The Digital Society Forum editorial team reserves the right to delete any contribution which does not relate to the prescribed topic, the site's editorial policy, or which breaks the law.

Thank you for your attention and understanding,
The Digital Society Forum Team

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