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General terms of use

The forum is a space for public discussion, a space for meeting and sharing; it is open to all ouvert à tous.

Users must register to take part. Click on “join" and enter your details. Your last name, first name, town, country and email address will be required (your email address will remain strictly confidential).

By signing up, you agree to comment using your real name (only your last name, first name, town and country will be visible)

Before making contributions, you will also be asked to read the editorial guidelines carefully and agree to respect them

Although the Digital Society Forum, administrators and moderators will try to remove all inappropriate messages from the forum, it is not possible for them to control all the comments which are posted. These comments only express the opinions of their authors. The owners of the Digital Society Forum give neither their approval, nor their disapproval to the messages posted on the forum. They cannot be considered liable for the content of messages which they have not written.

Moderating principles

You authorize the Digital Society Forum hosts to delete, modify, move or close any post, for any reason and without prior authorization on your part.

The Digital Society Forum team will endeavour to provide the best possible conditions in which registered members can express themselves, while respecting the code of conduct. The Forum reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users who do not respect this code of conduct.

Protection and access to personal data

This space aims to provide the opportunity to contribute to discussions of themes suggested by the forum's editorial team. The data on the forum will not be collected or used to any other ends.

The Digital Society Forum respects user privacy and operates in accordance with all current laws relating to protecting privacy and individual liberty. No personal information is collected without your knowledge. No personal information is passed on to third parties. Email addresses or other personal information entered onto the site will not be made available for any other use and will only be kept on record for as long as is necessary for processing.

In accordance with the law relating to “IT systems and Freedoms", any person has the right to access, modify or delete their personal information. If you wish to access, modify or delete this information, you can email the editorial team, which will immediately take the measures required:

The Digital Society Forum reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions and code of conduct at any time and without warning. Users are therefore advised to regularly check the latest versions available on the site.

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