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La Fing

Over the past 10 years, the FING (Association pour la Fondation internet nouvelle génération) has supported companies, organizations and public authorities in anticipating changes linked to technologies and their uses.

With over 300 members (major corporations, start-ups, research laboratories, universities, public authorities, administrations, organizations, etc.) the FING organizes workgroups around issues generated by societal changes driven by digital technologies as well as events to encourage innovation (les Carrefours des possibles , la conférence Lift France ...). For 10 years, it has worked on developing new and concrete ideas to help society anticipate digital change.

As a space for debates around technology and society, it was natural for it to join the Digital Society Forum, through its online platform, . It thus provides expertise on ongoing developments and continues to publically push for uan alternative vision for how people can gain ownership of technologies to harness their transformative potential and make society more innovative and provide access to everyone.


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