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Vincenzo Spiezia


Paris, France




Senior Economist, Head of ICT Unit, Economic Analysis and Statistics Division STI/EAS. OECD.

Web (official website, twitter, etc.)

Other publications

  • Are ICT Users More Innovative? An Analysis of ICT-enabled Innovation In OECD Firms, OECD Economic Studies, (forthcoming).
  • Does ICT Use Improve Students’ Performances? Evidence from the OECD PISA survey, OECD Economic Studies, 2010.
  • The Contribution of the ICT Sectors to Economic Growth in OECD Countries: Backward and Forward Linkages, DSTI/ICCP/IIS(2008)2
  • Using Patent Citations to Measure the Contribution of ICT Inventions to Inventive Activities in Manufacturing, DSTI/ICCP/IIS(2008)4
  • What Do We Know About The Effects Of Information And Communication Technologies On Employment Levels? (with M. Vivarelli), in J.
  • Mairesse and N. Greenan (eds.), ITC, Productivity and Employment, Cambridge (MA), MIT Press, 2002.

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