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Areas of Expertise: Internet memes, Internet culture. Dr. G. Bret Bowers has been an Assistant Professor in the English, Rhetoric and Writing department at UAFS since 2012. Bret teaches a variety of writing and rhetoric courses, including Hypertext: Theories and Practice, Writing for the Media, and Textual Research Methods. Bowers is a nationally recognized scholar in the field of rhetoric and composition and has published chapters and articles on internet memes, new media, and digital literacy. His article, co-authored with Dr. Bradley Wiggins, “Memes as Genre: A Structurational Analysis of the Memescape” (2014) was published by New Media & Society and his chapter “Cool, Cool, Cool: New Media Rhetorics of Community” (2014) was published in the book, A Sense of Community: Essays on the Television Series and Its Fandom.

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